The house without an alarm gets burgled first? Don’t make it easy for Cyber Criminals

I recently sat on a conference panel in Hong Kong on cybersecurity where the title of the panel was “Cybersecurity – should I be concerned?”. Considering this was a conference for financial institutions in Hong Kong the title somewhat scared me that in this day and age we are still asking whether or not a […]

Hong Kong sees a boom in IT security outsourcing

This article written by Gigi Onag, and featured recently in ComputerWorld, caught our attention.  We felt it was well worth highlighting in our F8 blog for the simple reason that we have been offering outsourced IT security reviews and services to our clients for quite some time.  This link will take you to the […]

Broken Windows and Unlocked Doors – The simple truth behind the security of your firewall and server

Are your firewall and server really secure? Is your Infrastructure locked up tight thus making your data perfectly safe?  Read further for a Layman’s guide on the subject.  Written by FunctionEight Ltds COO Phil Aldridge and recently published by both the British Chamber of Commerce Singapore as well as the British Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong. […]

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