HK SME Technology Voucher Programme

sme-voucher-programIf you are an SME in Hong Kong and have plans in 2017 to implement some Technology Solutions, contact FunctionEight as you may be eligible for the HKSAR’s new Technology Voucher Programme (TVP) which allows for a two thirds reimbursement of a project value of HK$300,000.

This is a significant step forward for HK in terms of SME development and FunctionEight would love to help your company utilise this new SME benefit, so thanks to The Innovation and Technology Commission for getting this off the ground.

Examples of projects that could be approved that FunctionEight can help with are:-

  • Cyber Security Solutions
  • Document management and mobile access solutions
  • Electronic inventory management systems
  • Big data and cloud analytics solutions
  • Appointment scheduling and queue management systems
  • Clinic management systems
  • ERP solutions
  • Location based services

As a note, all financial services companies regulated by the SFC should be taking advantage of this TVP to assist in their compliance with the SFC’s guidelines.

Of course there are many more but the above are examples that should be approved. If you have any plans for technology development please contact me through LinkedIn or by my email or call me on +852 6277 0800

Hong Kong sees a boom in IT security outsourcing

This article written by Gigi Onag, and featured recently in ComputerWorld, caught our attention.  We felt it was well worth highlighting in our F8 blog for the simple reason that we have been offering outsourced IT security reviews and services to our clients for quite some time.  This link will take you to the original article, or simply go to “Read More” below to read the entire article

If this is an area of interest/concern to you or your company and you would like to seek advice, then please feel free to contact us.  Either Martin Abert directly at or our sales team via

Still Running FRAILware in your environment?


It is over 12 months since Microsoft officially stopped providing any support for Windows Server 2003.  Its End Of Life (EOL) was the 14th July 2015.  Of course, there are many companies who still pay US$600 per server to Microsoft per year to keep their environment protected and some, namely government departments, are paying millions per year for this facility.  However, for many companies, probably a scary number, they have simply left the 2003 servers running unprotected and evermore vulnerable.

Statistically in July 2014 there were approximately 65% of all organisations in the Asia Pacific Region running Windows Server 2003.  In the 12 months leading up to the 14th July 2015 EOL deadline that percentage reduced to 60%.  In the 12 months since the deadline anonymous, aggregate technology usage data provided by Spiceworks users in Asia shows that a little more than 50% of organizations still have at least one instance of Windows Server 2003 running in their environment.

This is quite a staggering statistic when you consider that more than 1 out of every 2 companies in Asia is still running at least ONE copy of Microsoft Server 2003, more than a year after Microsoft stopped supporting it or patching any vulnerabilities.

Delivering Asian IT Support to Global Partners

By on November 23, 2016 in FunctionEight Service

As the trend for more cloud-based solutions and hosted infrastructure continues so does the complexity of delivering these solutions to an International audience.  Companies are looking for bespoke industry-specific solutions that often need to interact with existing traditional accounting, HR or CRM solutions.  These customers must then be supported via a helpdesk for the relevant infrastructure often on a 24/7 basis and so often the support requirements from end users are not related to the hosted infrastructure but to the local situation or device the user is working with.

FunctionEight has been partnering with a large number of UK based IT Support and Infrastructure partners to deliver high quality “on the ground support” to their customers and end-users in Singapore, Hong Kong and China.  This support is delivered after understanding the local infrastructure constraints and the end users specific requirements.  In addition to understanding the local environment, we also deliver end user support in the local language and can feed this back to our partners to improve the end user experience whilst saving time and money in the investigative process.

Broken Windows and Unlocked Doors – The simple truth behind the security of your firewall and server

Broken WindowsAre your firewall and server really secure? Is your Infrastructure locked up tight thus making your data perfectly safe?  Read further for a Layman’s guide on the subject.  Written by FunctionEight Ltds COO Phil Aldridge and recently published by both the British Chamber of Commerce Singapore as well as the British Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong.

This article should be considered with particular reference to recent circulars from the SFC to all Licensed Corporations (LC’s) on Cyber Security; a vulnerability assessment (and subsequent remedial works if required) would be an ideal first step towards implementing an overall solution that would be in line with the SFC’s expectations.  To discuss this further please feel free to contact FunctionEight at or the author directly at

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