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FunctionEight were born and went through our toddler years as Skyline Technologies Ltd. The company started and developed off pure web-based workflow and systems offerings to the construction sector vertical. Having moved very successfully into full IT service provision with the addition of an IT support team some 3 years later, our brand needed to be modified to better reflect our full range of services. As with all moments of creative genius, a couple of quality bottles of redwine went a long way in assisting, and F8 was born. If you think F1 or the Function1 key on a computer you think “help”, and that was where our rebrand concept began. But if you think F1 and tilt that slightly forwards F1 then you really have potentially encroached on the world of Bernie Ecclestone and Formula 1 motor racing. Think more laterally for a moment and when it comes to Numbers there are few more ‘lucky’ than 8 in the Hong Kong/Chinese culture. So what of F8 in the context of computers. The Function 8 key is for starting up in safe mode. We like to think that using our proactive services actually means you don’t ever require the use of the F8 key. But the concept stuck when the redwine had run out and so FunctionEight was what Skyline turned into in our teenage years and we’ve continued to grow and mature ever since.