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Managed Services

For many companies their IT Systems grow in line with the companies growth. During this time IT staff come and go and as a result the company often has many systems in the infrastructure that the IT are unsure what they are really used for or what the impact would be if they are switched off. This means that equipment is left switched on, using electricity and the IT are hoping it never fails on their watch.

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When everything is going well no-one considers the potential problems that could be caused by some very simple situations. For many companies there is one person who is responsible for managing the IT Systems and often all the knowledge around.

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Many businesses rely on only 1 staff member to look after their IT systems and ensure critical services such as accounting software, payroll applications and email are all functioning correctly. When your IT staff are on leave and not contactable staff have to wait for issues to be resolved which can lead to lost work time, lower productivity and even lost business or legal complications.

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If you have purchased a business or opened an office overseas you will know that delivering all IT Services into that location can be extremely challenging with time zone and language issues to deal with. You might be trying to deliver a new application on a local server or train users in Hong Kong how to access and use a new technology.

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Professional Services

Scenarios like…
An old employee purchased our domain a long time ago
We are paying multiple providers for hosting and not sure which we still need
We don’t have access to our website, so can’t make changes or updates are too scared to move hosting

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Digital Services

Many companies have made the initial investment in getting themselves an online presence with a website. However it is a common error to then presume that once created it will automatically pop up in Google searches that your customer prospects might make. We often explain it in old terms examples like a brand new shop that has just put nice big signage above their brand new office door when they open for business. Now they sit back and wait for customers to line up outside. Business owners know this is unlikely to succeed as customers aren’t going to suddenly know you exist or drive past your new shop by pure chance!

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Our website is not responsive and is built on an old platform
We are not doing any SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) or SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and really have no idea how to get started.