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Can you afford to close your business unexpectedly for 3 days?

Your car needs to be serviced regularly in order to run smoothly. In the same way, it is important to maintain your PC. This realisation will hit you hardest when your PC’s poor performance affects production or when it crashes completely. Some of the signs that your PC may need maintenance work done is if...


Getting spammed by a friend?

You open an email from a friend or business associate, only to fund a junk mail message that couldn’t possibly have come from that person.


Beware Facebook ‘shock’ scam – Sophos warns

Antivirus company Sophos is warning of a rogue Facebook application which could give hackers access to your contact information and list of friends. Senior Technology consultant at Sophos, Graham Cluley, says the app is spread using a ‘shocking video’ message: “OMG the worlds worst mcdonalds customer (shocking video must see)”. “Clicking on the link takes...