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To be successful, companies need to manage information technology issues with the same expectations they levy on other elements of their business. When you choose FunctionEight as your information technology consulting partner, we will help you make IT a strategic asset.

Cut through the techno-fog that often shrouds this sector in an air of mystery – reduce IT spending without losing functionality, boost your IT effectiveness across the enterprise and measure the performance of your IT functionality.

Whether your business has no internal IT expertise, a bare-bones IT organization or a large IT staff, FunctionEight’s consulting services give you affordable access to expertise in technical areas where you may lack in-house resources.

If you want to expand or upgrade your existing information network without adding permanent personnel, FunctionEight can supplement your existing personnel with experienced technicians and consultants ensuring your special projects are completed on time and within budget.

With FunctionEight as your technology consultant, your IT group also gets the benefit of knowledge transfer from FunctionEight – our system engineers can provide insights on infrastructure and architecture that will allow your information network to grow along with your business whilst maintaining any budget constraints.

Computer consulting services available from FunctionEight include:

  • Information Technology planning and strategy.
  • Architecture and design of the latest Microsoft desktop and server environments.
  • Project management and special project assistance , especially for large-scale upgrades or migrations to or within the Microsoft family of IT solutions.
  • Troubleshooting chronic IT problems.
  • Creating a comprehensive security strategy.
  • Maximizing system availability through fault-tolerant configuration, efficient network architecture and proactive monitoring.
  • Requirements definition and documentation.
  • Product/brand/model identification, vendor selection and qualification, procurement coordination, and documentation.

“…Outsourcing preventative maintenance to FunctionEight engineers allows me to focus on IT projects that improve the business without the distraction of having to put out small fires on a daily basis.

…Successful IT Management is all about diligently preventing problems before they arise, and FunctionEight understands this. FunctionEight has also been very flexible with availability of their engineers when dealing with differences in time zones which is vital to our business. I would recommend FunctionEight to any business looking for a cost effective, hassle free way to outsource their IT.”

Nicholas Yeager, Chief Technology Officer, Infiniti Capital

FunctionEight ‘s computer consulting services are available for as-needed help, for specific projects, or on an ongoing basis. FunctionEight provides consulting services priced to suit your needs. We can provide a quotation based on a fixed project, or you can engage us on an hourly basis in accordance with our standardised hourly rate table.