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FunctionEight is one of Asia’s leading IT Managed Service Providers offering IT Support assistance to clients across the region and in the West.

Function Eight - Digital Services
Function Eight - Digital Services

Is Your Business Looking for Unified IT Support and Services in Hong Kong?

Function Eight provides an exhaustive list of information technology services so that your business can concentrate on your true strengths.

We can be your Asia IT Partner for your IT needs… 24/7, 365 days a year!

Years of Experience

Extensive IT services in Hong Kong

We have a full range of IT support services for businesses in ‘Fragrant Harbour’: bustling Hong Kong.

Benefits of Outsourcing IT Support

Why Trust F8 For Hong Kong IT Support and IT Services

We at Function Eight help companies in the UK and anywhere else across the globe organise and outsource their IT services in Asia. We work with companies that have no existing IT team, as well as companies that have their own IT team by serving as an extension of their team on the ground.

We offer a complete set of IT support and IT services to businesses in vibrant Hong Kong. There are the top reasons why you should trust Function Eight as your IT partner in Asia:

We have over 200 clients (and still counting!) who can attest to the fact that our roster of IT experts in Hong Kong are extremely skilled in their craft. In addition, they are professional, honest, and adaptable. Many of our clients testify that they put their full trust in our IT managers and engineers because they know their field so well and they likewise take a proactive stance by notifying clients of issues as soon as possible.
We are proud to say that a whopping 95% of our clients are already on the cloud. Most IT service firms don’t have this kind of experience. Since nearly everything is on the cloud in this day and age, it’s crucial for businesses to be partners with an IT services firm that knows the cloud in and out.
Function Eight is an IT outsourcing firm in Asia with Western management. In contrast to local IT firms, we are very comfortable and quite savvy in dealing with businesses that are headquartered in Western countries. We espouse a global culture and corporate work ethic in all our dealings.
We are an established business that has been operating since the year 2001. With over two decades of experience, we have already helped hundreds of businesses in various industries. In addition, the low turnover rate of our staff (i.e., Many of our engineers have been working with us for years) is testament to how we value our people, and this is instrumental in how we’re able to provide continuity and consistency in IT support and services.
Time is gold, especially in dealing with high-priority IT issues. You’ll be pleased to know that we respond to IT service requests in just 15 minutes on average. We also provide 24/7 support covering all timezones: we can serve all of your offices remotely 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Local IT firms are usually not able to provide customer support urgently (e.g., when business operations commence in Asia, the UK is still sleeping). We at Function Eight have IT experts on the ground in Hong Kong and Singapore. With us as your local partner, you will have “eyes and ears on the ground” in Hong Kong, along with regional help desk support. You can even request for us to be on the ground in Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai, and Bangkok. We can also provide more spread depending on your business’s size.
With over two decades of experience in serving this market, we have acquired knowledge in the fields of Financial Services, Insurance, Retail, Recruitment, Architecture, Hospitality, and Membership Organisations. We are committed to acquiring experience and knowledge in more industries.

Last but definitely not the least, trusting Function Eight as your Asia IT Partner will enable your business to access extensive, end-to-end IT support and services in Hong Kong. We are proven IT experts who can provide and manage all of your IT requirements at a far better price compared to having an in-house IT department in Hong Kong.

Entrust your Hong Kong IT support and services to us!

Contact us today to know more about how our outstanding IT support and services firm can support your business goals.

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