And Now The End Is Near….. for Windows 7.

And Now The End Is Near….. for Windows 7.

As Frank Sinatra sang in “My Way”… “the end is near, and so I face the final curtain”.  Sombre words for a song about a love affair and also the swansong for Ol Blue Eyes, but there are parallels to the End Of Life approaching for Windows 7.


The End IS Near, in fact in about 10 months at time of writing and this certainly will be the end of an era as Windows 7 was by far the most popular and best operating system Microsoft had launched since Win XP.  Although many thought Mr. Sinatra was past his sell by date when he released My Way, it was one of his biggest hits  However, this is not the case for Win 7 users, who probably all still think it is a perfectly good operating system and there is no need to use something newer (Windows 10).

Cybersecurity or Recession?

Cybersecurity or Recession?

As a business owner going into 2019, with all the economic uncertainties that are going on globally in the US, UK, EU etc, should you be worried more about cybersecurity or a recession?


Simplistically your answer should be Cybersecurity. You may be asking why, but the answer is quite simple. You can do something about Cybersecurity. Unless you have global influence then a recession will either happen or not, but you wont be able to affect it happening. True you could plan for it and take necessary precautions to ensure your business survives should a recession hit.  However regardless of this uncertainty one thing is for sure – you will face multiple cybersecurity attacks in 2019 and that is something you CAN prepare for.

IT Personnel looking for a change in your working environment

By on December 13, 2018 in FunctionEight Service

FunctionEight currently have a number of positions vacant as we look to expand our operations in both Hong Kong and Singapore.  We would love to hear from you if you have an IT Business Development or IT Systems Engineer background.

If you are looking to change to a company that offer great benefits and a friendly working environment, who are skilled communicators and like technical challenges, please contact us via email on or send a message directly to

Press Release: Henrik Runnström appointed Managing Director for FunctionEight

Asia based Managed Service Provider, FunctionEight is delighted to announce the appointment of Henrik Runnström as Managing Director based in our Hong Kong Office.  The appointment is with effect from 16th November 2018.

The partners of the firm, Martin Abert, Chris Young and Phil Aldridge remain controlling shareholders of FunctionEight with the intention to gradually reduce their operational involvement in the business.

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