Are you in search of a dependable IT vendor in Hong Kong?

You can entrust all of your IT needs to a proven IT vendor in Hong Kong: FunctionEight.

Dealing with multiple providers for your IT requirements can be tedious, draining, and time-consuming. It will also take a lot of resources away from essential tasks that you need to perform daily for your business.

Why Choose F8 as Your IT Vendor in Singapore

Function Eight enables companies based in the UK and anywhere else in the world to organise and outsource their IT needs in Asia. We serve businesses without an existing IT team, as well as those that have an IT team (by acting as an on-ground adjunct of their team).

We provide all of these in what’s dubbed as the “Lion City”:

Why Choose a Hong Kong IT Vendor With Blanket Services

When you outsource to an IT vendor in Hong Kong with an established reputation and consolidated services, you reap the following benefits and more:

Why Trust F8 as Your IT Vendor in Hong Kong

FunctionEight assists businesses that are based in the United Kingdom and basically everywhere else in the world to handle their IT in Asia. We work with businesses that have no existing IT team, as well as businesses that already have an in-house team (by serving as their on-ground staff).

We offer all of these IT services in HK:

FunctionEight is fit to be your IT partner in Asia because we offer the following:

Established in 2001, FunctionEight has already worked with hundreds of businesses in various fields. In addition, most of our engineers have been with us for years, enabling us to offer consistent, superior services to our clients.

Our IT professionals have worked with more than 200 clients (and counting) and received great reviews for their services. Our clients often commend our staff for their knowledge, professionalism, candidness, and flexibility in IT procurement, support, and other services.

We respond to service requests in just 15 minutes (on average). We also offer 24/7 support in all timezones.

Unlike local IT firms, we’re able to closely work with your clients on their timezone (keep in mind that when Asia starts the business day, the UK is still sleeping). We can act as your “eyes and ears on the ground” in Hong Kong — as well as in Seoul, Tokyo, Bangkok, Shanghai, and other cities, if you need us to. We also offer regional help desk support.

Nearly all of our clients (95 percent, to be exact) are on the cloud. Most IT vendors in Hong Kong don’t have this experience. We can help you leverage the many exciting benefits of the cloud.

We have over 20 years of experience as an IT vendor in Hong Kong, and have gained specialised knowhow in Retail, Financial Services, Recruitment, Insurance, Hospitality, Membership Organisations, and Architecture. We are gaining more knowledge in other industries at present.

We are a trusted IT vendor in Hong Kong (and all over Asia) that’s run by Western management. As opposed to purely local firms, we are adept in working with Western businesses.

Finally, by choosing FunctionEight as your Asia IT Partner, your business can get comprehensive IT procurement, support, and services from a dependable IT vendor in Hong Kong. Our packages are much cheaper and come with many benefits (as written above) compared to building your own in-house IT department.

Choose a Trusted IT Vendor in Hong Kong

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