Efficient and Seamless Cloud Migration in Hong Kong

If your business is considering doing cloud migration in Hong Kong, we can be of assistance.

FunctionEight is one of the most reliable IT outsourcing firms in Hong Kong. We have over 20 years of experience in providing businesses across all industries with superior IT services, such as cloud migration, in Hong Kong and throughout the rest of Asia.

Benefits of Cloud Migration in Hong Kong

Cloud migration is the process of either limited or complete deployment of an organisation’s IT data, services, applications, digital assets, and other business elements and resources onto the cloud platform. These assets are securely kept behind a firewall to ensure their safety and confidentiality.

Here are the main advantages of doing cloud migration in Hong Kong:

First and foremost, every Hong Kong business that opts to do cloud migration will be able to save on the costs of various IT equipment and systems since your business will just need to utilise the infrastructure and server of your cloud service provider.

You can cut down on expenses related to IT resource management — such as security programs, servers, and more — as well as maintenance. In addition, you’ll also reduce your staffing expenses. This is because having fewer hardware demands not just less maintenance but fewer staff to use them as well. (Keep in mind that the salary of network engineers can be quite high.)

On top of all of those, your business will likewise be able to make the most out of your limited space. This means you’ll have more valuable real estate available for other important aspects of your operations.

Most hardware resources are just idle nearly all of the time. Cloud migration in Hong Kong will enable your business to pay for only the resources that you need. You’ll no longer be required to keep paying for IT resources that you use only every now and then.

Cloud migration in Hong Kong eliminates the need for your business to conduct tons of research and implement new data centres. On peak times, you can request higher utilisation of third-party resources such as hardware, servers, and infrastructure right away, and you can deprovision these resources once you no longer need them, or need less of them.

For most users, the most popular advantage of cloud migration in Hong Kong is that it enables people to easily, quickly, and completely access data and applications. People in your business can gain access to important resources:

  • Anytime throughout the day
  • When they’re in the office
  • When they’re working from anywhere
  • As they’re travelling
  • And on virtually all devices

Cloud migration in Hong Kong fosters real-time cooperation and collaboration among various members of an organisation by empowering users to view, edit, and share information in real-time through shared storage. This encourages creativity, customer support, product development, and other important values in your business. And because the cloud is the primary storage location of your business resources, everyone in your organisation will be updated with the latest information, thereby reducing the chances of miscommunication and conflicts with regards to content, titles, formats, and so on.

Certain applications allow users to work despite having no Internet connection, thus heightening their productivity and fostering better work-life balance. Businesses will also benefit from better management and monitoring by allowing them to keep a tab on and manage their on-premises data centre and cloud resources using a single screen (assuming that their cloud provider has a central management tool).

Granted, cloud migration in Hong Kong comes with a few risks, but practically all of them are delegated in some form. After all, your business will no longer be keeping data on-site, but rather, in a highly secure location. Many clouds come with robust security features and specialised mechanisms to protect users’ resources. For added security, cloud providers typically conduct automatic security patching.

Doing cloud migration in Hong Kong also provides cover in times of disaster. This helps ensure that your business operations continue without (or with very minimal) setbacks in spite of unfortunate incidents. You won’t have to worry so much about experiencing fires, earthquakes, data centre outages, local power outages, and so on. Keep in mind that those incidents usually lead to any, several, or all of these:

  • Downtime of self-hosted applications
  • Damage to hardware due to outage
  • Need for backups and higher storage hardware
  • Less productivity, fewer services, and lower revenues

Migrating your Hong Kong business to the cloud reduces the chances for any of those issues affecting your business. Not to mention, if your computers malfunction or get wiped out accidentally, you can still access your data and applications anytime, from anywhere, rather than totally lose them. And in the very unfortunate event that your computers fall into the hands of unscrupulous entities, you can use the cloud to remotely wipe out all of the data in your machines.

Many cloud providers also provide one-click backup and recovery services. Some of them are even able to keep backups of your data in different geographic locations for greater security.

Last but not the least, since cloud migration in Hong Kong lessens the need for in-house staff, you can benefit from higher efficiency on your operations since there will be fewer people involved. As a result, your engineers can devote more time to coming up with new ideas for growing your business. It will free up more of their time to do more work related to security profiles, database management, and other essential workflows.

You can likewise streamline your development cycles and deploy more applications and services in a shorter time frame. Software updates will also be automated, because the application is hosted on an off-premise server and will be the responsibility of your cloud service provider. You will be assured of the most recent software with advanced servers and stronger processing power at all times.

Why Trust Us For Your Cloud Migration in Hong Kong

We would be honoured to serve as your IT partner in Asia. Here are reasons why
you should entrust your cloud migration in Hong Kong (as well as your other IT
needs) to FunctionEight:

  • A good plan is crucial
    Large-scale migration requires meticulous planning. A staggering 95 percent of our clients are already on the cloud, a feat that very few other IT outsourcing companies in Hong Kong have achieved.

    FunctionEight has the skills, knowledge, and experience to help your business make the most out of the cloud. We can help lessen or even totally eliminate downtimes in your business. We follow a number of measures to prevent data loss and corruption during migration, enabling us to migrate massive amounts of data to the cloud without any disruption to your day-to-day operations.

  • Hong Kong cloud migration pros can help you save money
    Cloud migration can increase your ROI in the short-term as well as the long-term horizon. Even so, this process involves time, money, and other resources, so it’s crucial that you entrust this important job to an experienced IT outsourcing company like FunctionEight.

    We have been doing cloud migration in Hong Kong for many years now, so we are in a position to offer the best cost estimates for this task.

  • You need fast, reliable, and on-the-ground IT professionals
    Lastly, FunctionEight has been providing excellent IT services to over 200 businesses (and counting) from various countries for more than two decades. We respond to IT service requests in just an average of 15 minutes, and we offer round-the-clock remote IT support across all timezones.

    We have on-the-ground engineers in Hong Kong, and we can also be your eyes and ears in Tokyo, Bangkok, Shanghai, and Seoul (we can give more spread depending on your needs).