Looking for reliable managed IT support services in Hong Kong?
You can depend on FunctionEight to give your business the best in IT!

With over 20 years of outstanding record in providing superior managed IT support services in Hong Kong and throughout the rest of Asia, we have become one of the leading names in the region when it comes to IT outsourcing.

Why You Need Managed IT Support

For the vast majority of businesses, it’s best to avail of managed IT support services from a reliable IT support provider. This is because such a company specialises in providing high calibre IT support and services to different businesses.

Rather than working with different providers, working with a highly experienced and trustworthy IT support company will save your business a lot of precious resources. You can take advantage of the economies of scale that the IT firm offers while getting a complete range of reasonably-priced IT services.

These benefits are simply bonuses, because the best advantage is that you can then devote your business’s resources to your core business.

Here’s a rundown of the top advantages of getting managed IT support for your business:

Having an in-house IT department is costly. After all, you need to have experienced HR personnel who will scout, screen, hire, onboard, train, and manage IT engineers—and then keep them happily employed in your business so that they don’t get poached.

If you think that’s a lot already, unfortunately, you must also have a budget for their health insurance, bonuses and other types of incentives, retirement, termination, and more. But it’s not just the people that you have to spend on; they also need to have the best equipment to do their job effectively—computers, routers, software programs, accessories, and others. Those things need to be assembled and set up correctly. They also need to be constantly maintained to perform well consistently.

All of those things require a lot of important resources, which you can devote to equally or even more important parts of your business. By getting managed IT support services, you can eliminate all of the expenses and headaches involved in those requirements. With a dependable managed IT support company, you’ll have a partner whose specific forte is IT services and support. They’ll take care of your IT so you can take care of your main business.

As a bonus, when you avail of managed IT support services, you’ll instantly get access to a dedicated team of IT experts who can fulfil all IT needs of your business—all day, every day of the year. This means that you don’t have to worry about losing IT personnel when they get sick, go on holidays, or experience other unfortunate events. Thus, you can avoid interruptions in your business operations and ensure everything continues running smoothly no matter what happens.

The field of information technology or IT is constantly evolving. Several decades ago, businesses had to invest in a lot of typewriters, and then fax machines, and in more recent decades, computers and other related machines.

For your business to stay relevant and competitive, you need to make sure that your IT adapts with the ever-changing times.

Unfortunately, this is not always feasible for most businesses due to the rapid advances in technology. Most organisations simply do not have the time, money, nor expertise to keep updating their IT.

The good news is that a reliable and experienced managed IT support services company has all of these and will happily do this for you. However complicated the IT world gets, the right IT outsourcing firm can help you keep your business running well.

Most in-house IT personnel don’t have the resources to deal with massive changes in IT needs that are due to relocation, expansion, or some other business changes. In contrast, an experienced IT outsourcing firm such as Function Eight offers clients the capability to scale their IT up or down based on your business’s exact needs at any given point in time.

Finally, getting managed IT support services automatically gives your organisation access to extensive knowledge and vast experience of highly qualified IT experts. Anyone who has worked in HR knows how difficult it is to get true professionals in IT, since there’s a constantly high demand for this specific group of workers all over the globe.

When you delegate your IT, you’ll immediately receive IT support and services from knowledgeable and experienced IT experts who have gained years of experience in this field. Thanks to their exposure to a myriad of IT concerns and issues faced by different businesses, they are more efficient in helping you with your own IT needs.

A bonus advantage is that they are typically well-versed in cybersecurity and will help your organisation avoid various risks such as cyberattacks, which can greatly impact your business.

Why Choose FunctionEight For Your Managed IT Support
in Hong Kong

We are FunctionEight, and we enable companies from the United Kingdom and everywhere else around the globe to organise and outsource their IT requirements in Hong Kong (and practically everywhere else in Asia).

From the time we were established in 2001, we have had the pleasure of supporting more than 200 businesses from all parts of the globe, and we look forward to working with your organisation as well by becoming your IT partner in Asia.

We help businesses of all sizes in all kinds of markets. We’ve collaborated with companies without any in-house IT department and even those which have an in-house IT team, by being their ‘arms and legs’ in Hong Kong.

We offer all of the following managed IT support services in Hong Kong:

Managed IT Services

  • Onsite IT support (Level 1, 2, 3) for network as well as systems
  • IT helpdesk (remote) 24/7
  • IT procurement
  • IT consulting

Professional IT Services

  • Cyber security consultation and implementation
  • Office relocation
  • Cloud services
  • Infrastructure
  • Migrations

Digital Services

  • Digital consultancy (includes Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization)
  • Website development (either revamping your current website or developing a new one)
  • System and software development (includes database and hosting solutions)

Why Trust Us For Your Managed IT Support in
Hong Kong

Here are two major reasons why you can entrust us for your managed IT support
in Hong Kong:

  • Reliable IT experts
    For over two decades now, we’ve been providing businesses with comprehensive IT support and services. Our clients have commended our IT engineers for their knowhow—including the crucial and fast-growing niche of cybersecurity—and work ethics.

    Our engineers are adaptable, professional, and friendly. They are likewise proactive, informing clients of possible risks they may face as soon as possible, and recommending preventive measures to ensure that business operations are not disrupted.

  • Quick and specialised on-the-ground services
    To efficiently provide our clients’ needs, our IT engineers are on-the-ground in Hong Kong, and they can also be available for you in other major cities in Asia.

    Over the past 20 years, we’ve gained deep knowledge in Retail, Financial Services, Insurance, Hospitality, Recruitment, Membership Organisations, and Architecture, and we’re continuously deepening our knowledge of other industries.

    Last but not the least, we aim to respond to IT service requests in less than 15 minutes (on average), and we offer 24/7 remote IT support in all timezones.