At FunctionEight, we believe that technology is a business facilitator, not a burden. That’s why we deliver a complete set of IT support and services so you can leverage the full potential of the latest technologies. With us, you can effectively manage your assets, meet regulatory obligations, and minimize the total cost of ownership.

Effective IT asset management demands extensive resources, expertise, and time. SMEs with limited technical and financial resources often find asset management a challenging task. FunctionEight’s IT asset management services in Hong Kong will help you handle the complex tasks of finding, tracking, and managing the software and hardware in your organization, eliminating the need to invest in internal technical resources. Our valuable expertise will weed out your additional costs and improve resource management and utilization.

Asset Management Challenges

IT assets have a finite period and if they are not proactively managed, organizations cannot generate the maximum value from them. SMEs face financial burdens when they have to renew their technological infrastructure or to hire a skilled workforce to manage the existing one. Earlier, asset management within the IT department was possible, but now the asset management practice of the organization has gone far beyond the hardware that needs just an official stamp of approval.

The emergence of subscription-based software and employees’ demands of getting customized tools pose new asset management challenges. To counter these challenges, an IT department should exhibit a high level of flexibility and expertise to effectively manage these assets. A staff that can meet diversified asset management needs will be a costly option for organizations, especially for SMEs who may not afford it. Even if they cater to such costly investments, the end results are not guaranteed.

The Solution: Unified IT Asset Management Services in Hong Kong

FunctionEight is a single unified solution for all your varying technology needs. Often, assets are managed by tons of different people in different places. There is no single tool that collects and centralizes information which naturally leads to inaccuracies and chaos.

IT asset management services in Hong Kong, like FunctionEight, will perform the asset management and tracking tasks without having to relegate the brain and time matter. We will provide you with top-notch IT support so your IT department can focus more on what matters most for your organization, such as growth planning, sales, and customer support.

The Value in Entire IT Lifecycle Asset Management

You invest hundreds and thousands of dollars in technology, but are you getting the most out of your technology spending? FunctionEight handles and manages processes in all stages of a technology’s lifecycle, from procurement, deployment, and maintenance to retirement.

What is the Importance of IT Asset Management?

IT asset management is imperative for the sustainability of any business, but it demands intensive resources. SMEs with limited resources can’t cater to the internal governance of IT services.

That’s why FunctionEight’s IT asset management services in Hong Kong appeared as an efficient and cost-effective solution for enterprises. Partnering with us is synonymous with entrusting highly proficient external personnel for your asset management and increasing your business productivity.

FunctionEight serves everything that an ideal asset management seeks. From exhibiting diverse expertise in IT regime for professional IT services to a 24/7 global help desk, we understand the deepest pain points of our valuable clients and deliver phenomenal services to aid them in their growth.

More than remote help, our IT engineers in Hong Kong are ready to assist you with on-site asset management services. Our unified IT management and support provide businesses with maintenance and management of well-designed IT systems and networks that feature high performance, security, and availability.

As your business grows, the need for technology increases which in turn makes the control of software, hardware, and licensing more complex and challenging. FunctionEight’s asset management service in Hong Kong will provide you with crucial insight and an accurate view of your assets so you can make informed decisions about capacity, replacement, redeployment, and retirement.

Not adhering to the terms of your software licenses not only costs you in fines but also your business’s reputation. Our IT asset management services in Hong Kong will help you track your permits, and avoid the risks of non-compliance and associated hefty fines.

Our experts will design an effective and all-inclusive governance strategy so your IT assets can be efficiently utilized, better maintained, and easily accessible. We will take some burden off from your IT staff so they can leverage their strength and expertise in fueling the success of your business.

Businesses keep evolving and the best IT asset management services in Hong Kong adapts to these changes as well. For instance, FunctionEight’s asset management services in Hong Kong will help you if you plan to outgrow your business space.

Our valuable IT consulting will help you in understanding how your IT infrastructure will fit into your new office space. Additionally, we will evaluate every step of the transformation and identify potential risks and alternate solutions as well. We believe that business is a full-time job, but asset management should not be on your shoulders, at least.

SMEs have one common goal, which is growing while keeping expenses in control. When you have a deep understanding of technology within your enterprise and have safe management in place, you will find yourself saving money by buying less.

With FunctionEight, you can be thoroughly analytical and can get information about your costs which can help you further reduce your expenses. You do not have to invest in internal resources or any skilled labor to manage your assets.

Organizations have shifted to virtual operations which have made cybersecurity imperative for businesses. Cyberattacks not only cost you financially but also harm your reputation, impacting your relations with clients, vendors, and employees.

When you trust FunctionEight, the safe management of your IT assets is guaranteed, leaving no surface for hackers to attack and collect your sensitive information. FunctionEight is a leading IT company in Hong Kong with training in cybersecurity and is equipped with the necessary tools to protect your businesses from the dangers of cybercrime.

Why rely on FunctionEight for your IT Asset Management needs?

Sound IT asset management is key to a business’s success. SMEs do not have to take the risks of integrating the costly technical infrastructure to support effective asset management when FunctionEight is here to provide you with effective IT support and solutions.

Why should you trust FunctionEight’s IT asset management services in Hong Kong for your asset management needs?

Here is why!

  • Over 20 years of experience in the IT industry
  • Best IT pros in Hong Kong with diverse expertise
  • A 24/7 global support with a quick response time
  • Proven stability and reliability
  • Extensive cloud-based services
  • On-the-ground cybersecurity training
  • Cost-efficient asset management
  • Improved security and better governance


For more than two decades, FunctionEight’s IT asset management services in Hong Kong have been helping SMEs manage their assets, reduce costs, and improve governance. Whether your internal IT staff needs some extra hands, or you want to start a program from the ashes, our expert IT pros will help you in managing your valuable IT assets so you can extract the maximum value out of your IT investments.