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We are a team based in Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand and Philippines delivering best-in-class IT and Web Service

Born out of servicing the Construction Sector with IT and web-based workflow systems, FunctionEight grew quickly to become a complete IT Service and Support business.

The F1 key is synonymous with the Help function on a keyboard, and the Formula One brand, so it would have been hard to adopt that name. However, being based in Asia we understood the importance of the number eight and being in IT we knew that the F8 key is synonymous with starting up in Safe Mode.

FunctionEight was created – a lucky number and a key you should never need to press if you work with us!

Introduction To FunctionEight ltd

Story of FunctionEight

The Beginning
Our business was established by our Chairman Martin Abert under the trading name Skyline Technologies Limited. Focus was on software development for document and drawing management systems.
Phil Aldridge
Phil Aldridge joined the business full time as the Technical Director and Shareholder. With his technical knowledge and support background we soon developed a strong client base of IT Support contracts.
To bring the company image in-line with the current service offering and to modernise the look and feel of the branding the company was re-branded to FunctionEight Limited.
As our client base expanded we made the decision to open an office in Singapore. With an existing client base already in operations the transition for clients was smooth and the business has grown ever since.
Chris Young
To support the expansion in Singapore we engaged the services of Chris Young as our Managing Director and Shareholder in Singapore. Previously a client Chris was very familiar with our business operations.
Present Day
To allow for continued expansion and ensure succession planning the company employed Henrik Runnstrom as its Managing Director to take over all day to day operations of the companies in Hong Kong and Singapore.

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