Are You Looking for The Best IT Asset Management Services in Singapore?

At FunctionEight, we deliver premium IT Asset Management solutions that leverage the full power of the latest technologies. Through this, organizations can manage their IT assets efficiently, improve IT governance and reduce costs.

When you use FunctionEight’s IT Asset Management Services in Singapore, all the IT assets within your organization will be reviewed and monitored with a robust asset management system. Pertinent to this sector, companies can rely on global experts, such as FunctionEight, to manage all IT processes and mitigate the costs weighing on the company’s turnover.

The Ideal Partner for your SME

In the case of small and medium-sized enterprises, IT services are governed internally, dedicating a part of the staff to the total management of the functions. These include a vast range of processes and require specific and diversified skills. The IT staff requires a very high expense for these reasons, but the end results do not always correspond to the set objectives.  

This is why outsourcing your IT services in Asia is the most advantageous solution at a business level. When you outsource a process to us, the management is entrusted to highly specialized external personnel. In a labor market that increasingly demands and imposes flexibility, trusting IT functions to FunctionEight can be a key part of the business strategy for any company. 

What Is IT Asset Management?

The IT assets are the integral components of your organization’s IT environment. This includes hardware, software systems, or information that holds value. In order to maximize the value an organization can generate from IT assets; they need to be proactively managed using an IT Asset Management system (also known as ITAM). 

FunctionEight’s IT Asset Management Services in Singapore ensures that the IT assets in your organization are accounted for, maintained, upgraded, deployed, and disposed of timely. In principle, the object of an IT outsourcing contract can be both hardware and software architectures, as well as asset hosting or security services. 

Better Governance of Your IT Asset Management

When you transfer IT Asset Management to FunctionEight, we will help you establish governance policies and procedures. These policies are designed to ensure that your IT assets are properly utilized, easily accessible, and effectively monitored. We will also ensure that all the team players understand the process and the organization’s goals while moving forward. 

Our highly skilled experts can help you build a comprehensive and sustainable IT Asset Management and governance strategy. By maintaining the governance of the controls, tools, skills, and processes, we will ensure efficient management of suppliers allowing a healthy relationship with your business. 

Benefits Of Outsourcing Your IT Asset Management

By resorting to using FunctionEight’s IT Asset Management Services in Singapore, you can minimize the risks associated with auditing and reduce overhead costs. Every company has IT needs, regardless of its size and nature. Let us handle your IT Asset Management while you focus your energy on harnessing the core strengths of your business.

By delegating IT-related tasks to specialists in that specific field, like FunctionEight, you can shift your essential resources to the core elements of your business. You can also save costs of infrastructures, equipment, and all the means necessary to complete a given activity involved in the IT Asset Management function.

Another advantageous aspect to consider outsourcing is undoubtedly the time factor. By using FunctionEight’s IT Asset Management Services in Singapore, you can, in fact, reduce the time dedicated to routine and administrative functions relating to IT asset management and instead dedicate it profitably to those services and functions strategically selected as part of the core business.

When you use FunctionEight’s services, you can sit back and relax while your work is managed by the very best in the industry. We ensure that the work you get is of exceptional quality.

Another factor that makes FunctionEight’s IT Asset Management service attractive is the possibility of enjoying greater flexibility. Our IT managers and engineers work with the tools that best fit your needs and adapt your asset management processes to best enable your business.

An important advantage deriving from FunctionEight’s IT Asset Management Services in Singapore concerns the organizational dimension of the company. With our services, you can say goodbye to having to deal with the management of workers, as in the case of employees. Through us, you will gain “eyes and ears on the ground” in Singapore. While FunctionEight is based in Singapore, we are adept at working with Western businesses.

Our extensive network extends to over 200 clients (and counting) worldwide. This has allowed us to specialize in industries such as Insurance, Hospitality, Financial Services, Retail, Recruitment, and Architecture. We at FunctionEight aim to keep widening our knowledge in more industries globally and help our customers grow with this digital age.

Why Trust FunctionEight’s IT Asset Management Services in Singapore?

FunctionEight has been providing exceptional IT services since the year 2001. As your business expands, so do its IT Asset Management needs. Therefore, it has become imperative for you to implement proper IT Asset Management (ITAM) practices in your organization. Following are some of the major benefits of outsourcing your IT Asset Management solutions to FunctionEight:

  • Best IT Experts in Singapore
  • Extensive Cloud Experience
  • International & Corporate Way of Working
  • Quick Response Time
  • Automated contract renewal
  • Managed asset compliance
  • Improved management of depreciable assets
  • Improved budgeting
  • Better measure and control IT costs
  • Increased accountability
  • Reduced unnecessary purchases
  • Greater asset visibility

Optimize Your Asset Management Lifecycles

Each organization has a different IT Asset Management lifecycle. It generally includes planning, procurement, deployment, maintenance, and retirement stages. Through FunctionEight’s IT Asset Management Services in Singapore, the processes are seamlessly applied across all the lifecycle stages. This ensures the optimized use of assets and helps you understand the total cost of ownership. Outsourcing IT Asset Management to FunctionEight can also help you save money and free up internal resources.

For SMEs, the IT Asset Management services offered by FunctionEight represent a valid opportunity to entrust the maintenance and management of IT assets. It usually requires a lot of resources to be managed and skills that are usually lacking in the company. It is a way to reduce the time and economic resources dedicated to IT infrastructures, mainly maintenance, and management. Outsourcing Your IT Asset Management to FunctionEight can be a valid choice for several reasons:

  • You can get a highly skilled IT staff to work for your company.
  • Your organization may not have a real specific budget to allocate to IT.
  • You intend to have the most secure and up-to-date technology but do not have the skills to implement and manage it.
  • Your IT assets are constantly increasing and becoming difficult to manage.