IT Support

Managed IT Support

If your business is based in Hong Kong or Singapore, then we have IT engineers ready to assist you. More than a remote helpdesk, we come onsite to maintain well-designed IT networks and systems that feature high availability, performance and security. Sign up to a regular support package and you too can benefit from support on services such as WiFi connectivity, server support, telecoms infrastructure, virus security measures, VPN set up and support, and much more.

IT Helpdesk

Our IT Helpdesk support service is provided 24/7 to global locations.  The service is provided from our locations in Singapore, Hong Kong and the Philippines with highly technical and professional staff behind the monitor. We offer high-quality IT Support helpdesk for business and remote networking Monitoring services. Our IT Helpdesk staff provides customers with immediate help and professional desktop support with no delay. If you have any issues please contact us by phone or email.

IT Consulting

Office Relocation

Outgrowing your office space is a fantastic sign of a healthy business. When it’s time to stop converting coffee tables into desks, the next step is to find a suitable space for your needs. Understanding how your IT infrastructure will fit in your new space can be complex, which is why we work with you every step of the way to identify potential risks and find practical solutions.

Cyber Security

It’s not only yourselves and cyber criminals who are interested in the security of your network. Your vulnerabilities could impact your vendors, clients, customers & your insurance. Your company’s goal should be to protect itself, its partners and its employees to the maximum extent possible against security threats that could jeopardize its integrity, privacy, reputation and business outcomes.

CTO as a Service

We can provide a highly flexible approach for you to have your own IT Manager on a part-time basis. This solution is ideal for ambitious start-ups who need advice on how to best structure and optimise their business from an IT perspective.

Digital Services

Website Development

FunctionEight works with proven and practical web development technologies. For each web development project, our experienced team discusses the options available for you and implements the solution that best suits your needs. Our mission at FunctionEight is to give you a stress-free web development experience by providing you with a website that delivers what you want it to deliver.

System Development

Projects are easy to manage with regular updates and meetings to track progress. We’ll help you every step of the way, from the early stages of scoping up the tool and it’s technical requirements, taking into consideration how the product will be used by its end users. We can even assist in setting up hosting and database solutions to power the back-end data. As IT professionals, we keep all the elements in mind from inbuilt high security level to automated and regular backups.

Digital Consultancy

We help companies to formulate their digital transformation strategy and implement it to enhance their performance through digital technologies by analysing your infrastructure, processes, people, and organization. Whether you need to convert manual actions into automated through a custom-built software system or create a Search Engine Marketing Strategy to drive traffic to your website, we can help.