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If you’re looking for a superior and comprehensive IT security audit in Singapore, FunctionEight offers just what you need. You can depend on us for topnotch security audit services because we cover everything from training modules to cyber security consultancy as well as interactive tech education.

We operate our business across the whole of Asia, but our Singapore office in particular does a lot of this type of specialized work. We’ll brief your IT department, serve as your outsourced IT service, and/or scan through every potential vulnerability in your networks and website.

This will benefit your company’s tech security and network integrity when push comes to shove.

IT Security Audit in Singapore | FunctionEight
IT Security Audit in Singapore | FunctionEight

What FunctionEight Brings to the Table in Terms of IT Security Audits

Our auditing services from FunctionEight are all designed to test your security to the utmost or its lack thereof. We can do this work all over Asia, but locally in Singapore we have specific experience doing this for customers.

From there, we can add recommendations on how to strengthen or fortify your defenses dependent on the results of the audit.

Empower your Singaporean employees from those with tenure to those freshly hired to recognize the common cyber threats, scams, tricks, and cons used to breach through your defenses, from DDoS to adware.

A knowledgeable staff and crew will bring more impact to our IT auditing service we’ve made available across Asia through our main offices in Singapore and Hong Kong. On top of that, we also customize audit reports and install virtual private networks (VPN) to ensure safe web surfing.

Educating your workers is a better method of preventive maintenance against vulnerability breaches because most hackers depend more on human error than mere malware. They’re even more effective than Windows, Norton, or McAfee firewalls combined!

Aside from giving your employees Cyber Security Awareness Training, we at FunctionEight also offer IT security audit in Singapore that covers Unified Threat Management (UTM) and Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) services.

You’ll get all this on top of apps and software that simulate a hacker hacking into your system in order to test out how secure the tech side of your company truly is, from your shared networks to your front-facing website interface.

Our service packages include a vulnerability scanner that scans XSS, RCE & Blind SQL Injection. We’ll also use special software to act like white hat hackers that finds the exploits before the black hat hackers could use them against you.

After the scans have been done and the vulnerabilities have been identified, then we’ll put in the results and the patches needed to plug up those bugs and glitches for your own safety.

On top of that, we’ll also do virus, worm, Trojan, or malware checks on all your apps and software as well as computers in order to keep every PC you use safe from malware-related internal sabotage.

We use a multi-pronged method of auditing your cyber security detail. It’s because hackers go about breaching your security in a wide variety of ways, from sneaky phishing scams to social engineering as well as using any one of their malware.

We’ll safeguard your business’s cyber security by intentionally breaching your defenses and then fortifying them accordingly so that they won’t be as easily breached by outsiders. We do a battery of tests and scans, and also provide training for your workers to cover all possible fronts.

It’s because of this that we are able to offer security audits in a multi-faceted way. We check for viruses and Trojans, warn your workers against phishing scams, and inform them of the various risks of social engineering.

Our audits cover profile scanning, bug identification, troubleshooting, virus scanning, and so forth. It’s presented with an easy-to-understand graphical user interface (GUI) for the best user experience (UX) possible.

Instead of just employing a firewall to deal with any potential outside threats, our comprehensive IT security audit in Singapore also includes antivirus solutions for your network systems and regular vulnerability scans in order to cover every potential security breach possible.

Malware like Trojans exists to find ways to corrupt and breach your security from within, but sometimes your own workers can serve as your true Trojan horses. This is where educating your employees in cyber security comes in.

Hackers can act like outright Cold War-era spies when it comes to siphoning information from your workers through social engineering or other means not involving antivirus protection and firewalls.

Little things like employing a proper social media policy to avoid common areas where info leaks could happen must be observed. Separating social media from work also helps narrow down potential anonymous leakers by limiting avenues where IT security could be compromised.

Like with the latest Windows versions, another way to audit your security is to make sure every last piece of software in use by your company from business networks to web development is vouched for or authorized for use without the potential for data leaks and security breaches.

This policy can ensure your Singaporean employees aren’t allowed to install unlicensed software full of viruses, Trojans, worms, and malware that could wreak havoc all over your machines and networks.

Our auditing services will cover any potential weaknesses or potential breaches from the worker to software level. By the time we’re done with our IT security audit for your company, we’ll reinforce your security by leaps and bounds to protect your data’s integrity and confidentiality.

IT Security Audit in Singapore | FunctionEight

An Ounce of Prevention is Better Than a Pound of Cure

Just as it’s better to avoid getting infected with HIV than to treat full-blown AIDS, it’s also much better to use preventive maintenance, improved tech education, and constant network tests through our advanced and all-inclusive IT security audit in Singapore to fully safeguard your IT security.

The security of your networks and web pages will be fortified, thanks to our on-site in-person consultation, online exams, phishing simulations with A.I., and a battery of essential regular security tests for identifying malware of all kinds and threat levels.

IT Security Audit in Singapore | FunctionEight