Looking For a Reliable IT Vendor in Singapore?

Get all the IT services you need from FunctionEight, Singapore’s leading IT vendor.

Working with a single IT vendor with all-inclusive services will save you from all the stress and headaches of dealing with multiple IT firms. FunctionEight offers a complete range of information technology services to enable your business to focus on your specialty!

Why Hire an All-inclusive Singapore IT Vendor

To stay ahead of competition, you need to maximise your strong suits by delegating your other business needs (like IT).

The benefits of delegating to a reputable and comprehensive IT vendor include the following:

Buying the right hardware (like computers and related IT equipment) can be wearisome for businesses in Singapore that are headquartered elsewhere. There are issues that can hinder and prolong the procurement process. In addition, if your procuring personnel are not well-informed in IT, they might squander your budget on incorrect or incomplete equipment.

Needless to say, assembling your own team for IT is both expensive and troublesome. When you choose to hire an IT vendor in Singapore, you gain another advantage: you get IT services from a firm with experts who have gained a wide range of experience in this field from working with different businesses and handling diverse IT needs.

IT needs change, and a reliable IT vendor in Singapore can adapt with you. An in-house IT department might not be able to handle massive changes (such as a business expansion or office relocation) without a disruption in their regular operations. On the other hand, an experienced IT vendor has the scalability to give you what you need, when you need it.

Once purchased, IT machines and equipment still need to be set up and regularly maintained to ensure that they continuously run in top condition. You need an additional budget not just for knowledgeable staff (who need to be hired, trained, retained, and managed) but also for up-to-date software and other crucial tools. Speaking of staff, you also have to allocate a budget for their recruitment, bonuses, medical insurance, retirement, termination, and so on. When you hire a Singapore IT vendor, you’ll save on your operating costs by removing all of those expenses.

Still on the topic of people, when you outsource your IT, you’ll be able to shield your business from potential delays caused by in-house IT personnel going on a strike, using their leaves, or other unforeseen situations. You can rest assured knowing that a reliable IT vendor in Singapore has a large pool of dedicated experts who can deliver exceptional services every single day.

Finally, a high-calibre Singapore IT vendor would have experts in preventing as well as countering cybersecurity attacks. Such IT firms (like FunctionEight) have IT professionals who are particularly skilled in managing risks that could play havoc with your day-to-day operations.

We can be your IT partner in Asia because we are/have:

  • Reliability and Consistency
    We have been operating since 2001 and have served hundreds of clients across multiple fields. We have a very low staff turnover rate: most of our engineers have been with us for many years, which helps maintain continuity and consistency in our IT services.

  • Topnotch IT Professionals
    Our IT experts have served over 200 satisfied clients (and counting). We can produce countless proof of our excellent services. Our staff are constantly commended by clients for being knowledgeable, professional, honest, and adaptable.
  • Rapid Response
    We attend to IT service requests in just an average of 15 minutes. We provide 24/7 support in all timezones — we can remotely support all of your offices 24 hours a day, every day of the week.
  • On-the-ground IT Vendor in Singapore
    We have IT experts right on Singaporean ground. Your local IT firm might not have the capacity to closely assist your clients (e.g., when Asia opens for business, the UK is still asleep), but with FunctionEight as your local partner, you’ll have “eyes and ears on the ground” in Singapore, along with regional help desk support. We can also be on the ground in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai, and Bangkok (we can provide more spread based on your business’s needs).
  • Experienced in Cloud Computing
    Nearly everything is on the cloud these days, so it’s crucial to partner with a Singapore IT vendor that has rich experience in this field. We are proud to say that 95% of our clients are on the cloud; most IT vendors in Singapore don’t have this edge. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the cloud’s many benefits.
  • A Corporate and International Work Culture
    We exemplify a very professional corporate work ethic in an international culture. We are a well respected IT vendor in Singapore (and throughout Asia) that is run by Western management. Unlike pure Singaporean IT firms, we are well-versed in serving businesses from the West.
  • Knowledge of Special Industries
    With more than two decades of experience as an IT vendor, we have acquired essential knowhow in Financial Services, Insurance, Retail, Recruitment, Membership Organisations, Hospitality, and Architecture. We are continuously broadening our knowledge in additional industries as well.
  • Great Bang for Buck
    Last but not the least, with FunctionEight as your Asia IT Partner, your business will receive complete, end-to-end services from a trusted IT vendor in Singapore. We’ll provide your IT requirements at a far lower cost (and with all the many other advantages listed above) compared to having your own in-house team.