Do you have an overseas office in Hong Kong or Singapore and need support with IT delivery or emergencies??

If you have purchased a business or opened an office overseas you will know that delivering all IT Services into that location can be extremely challenging with time zone and language issues to deal with.  You might be trying to deliver a new application on a local server or train users in Hong Kong how to access and use a new technology.

In some cases you may not be sure exactly what IT assets are in place in each location and whether failover and backup solutions are working and effective?

In many cases keeping a local asset register which is managed by each locations, finance staff is usually a reliable method of keeping track of which assets are in each location.  Finance staff can also be tasked with basic maintenance jobs which can be supported remotely by your HQ It support staff.  Regular visits from HQ support staff can also assist in ensuring good communication although this is a very costly and unproductive use of time for key HQ IT staff.

We think a better solution would be to partner with FunctionEight Ltd.  Our

the experienced multi-lingual staff can support your overseas office users and work with HQ IT staff to resolve issues, delivery pro-active maintenance, and improve the productivity of the IT assets deployed in each location.

Email or call +852 2868 2855 or +65 6345 5880 now to see how FunctionEight can support your IT systems.