Our website is not responsive and is built on an old platform

Many companies have made the initial investment in getting themselves an online presence with a website. However it is a common error to then presume that once created it will automatically pop up in Google searches that your customer prospects might make. We often explain it in old terms examples like a brand new shop that has just put nice big signage above their brand new office door when they open for business. Now they sit back and wait for customers to line up outside. Business owners know this is unlikely to succeed as customers aren’t going to suddenly know you exist or drive past your new shop by pure chance!

Technology is ever changing.  In actual fact it changes faster than most of us can even comprehend.  Websites have already been around on the internet for all of 25yrs.  However it was only 10yrs ago that the revolution of the smartphone changed our habits totally.  Suddenly we all search for information on mobile devices as well as sometimes still on desktops or laptops.  It still amazes us how many websites out there in the online world are not even responsive – ie don’t deliver for optimum viewing on mobile or tablet viewing

Consideration also needs to be taken around the platform that your website is actually built on.  This is also an area where technology can continue to change.  WordPress came into existence initially as a blog platform less than 15yrs ago.  But they really became a market leader as they evolved into a full website CMS (content management system) platform.  They now have more than half of the websites online using their platform.

Yes companies can relatively easily create their own website presence using a multitude of free to use open source platforms.  At FunctionEight we often hear from companies that have started out doing exactly this.  But in time they begin to realise that focusing on their core competencies and actual business deliverables is better use of their time than trying to manage/maintain their website.

Revamping and launching a new website also has a slightly tricky need to ensure that your historical analytics, indexed links and historical Google website score are retained.  Another good reason to be working with professionals

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We are not doing any SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) or SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and really have no idea how to get started.

Many companies have a corporate website where the design is actually quite modern and content is relatively up-to-date.  However, they may never have tried to do any advanced optimization of their website and often don’t get many leads from online channels.  The question they often ask is “What do we need to do in order to get people to find us online?”

A strategy of multiple domains, landing pages, longform URLs, social media (eg Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc), blog posts and regular eNewsletters to your client base, contacts and followers will have an advantage of creating overall online ‘noise’ and a greater Google score for your main website.  This will in turn assist with your organic search engine traffic. However, given that Google are known to modify their algorithms anything around 500-600 times, this ‘do it yourself’ approach is going to be haphazard in terms of success at very best.

For the slightly technically capable you could even track your own Website Google Analytics and have a go at setting up an Adwords campaign at very little ongoing cost as you can control your daily budget spend.

Or you could sign up for an ongoing monthly retainer with FunctionEight Ltd that will see you getting a long term SEO/SEM strategy document, technically skilled partners to manage and advise on your website layout and content.  Use of specialised tools to crawl your website and advise on errors and best practices that can be resolved and maintained.  Research into competitors, relevant keywords and most cost effective Cost Per Click (CPC) rates for getting you the best ROI on your investment.  You’ll get a monthly report measuring relative improvements and success.

Email f8.info@functioneight.com or call +852 2868 2855 or +65 6345 5880 now to see how FunctionEight Ltd can support your IT systems, giving you peace of mind and Stress-Free IT.