Are you paying lots of IT Invoices but not sure what they all are?

It is amazing how common this story is. We often speak to companies (and not just SME’s even MNC’s) who do not have full control of their main corporate domain. This means your business URL, in our case This is not just an issue of control and ability to make changes to DNS records, it is also a fundamental issue of IP ownership. When a business is in the early stages of startup, it is quite common for a business owner to delegate to some admin staff member the quick process of a new domain purchase from a domain registrar. Or the scenario may even be that the business owner quickly does this task themselves. Part of the domain purchase process is to enter a master email address for contact with any issues around the domain. The business owner or admin staff uses their personal or home email address in the absence of a corporate email address (as the corporate domain doesn’t exist yet – it is still being purchased).

The purchase process is successfully completed and nobody thinks about this again for potentially many years.  Until disaster strikes.  Perhaps the domain renewal process is missed, or a domain transfer to another registrar is required.  Potentially there has been a business owner or the original admin staff who have moved on and are no longer contactable.  Or in a worst case scenario there is a conflict that results in intentional theft or mishandling of the companies domain.

The company will now be required by the registrar to verify their legitimate ownership of their domain.  This usually starts off with a simple automate email triggered to the domain registrant email address on record.  Now you can see the problem if that email address is no longer valid or accessible!

If these scenarios outlined above give you cause for concern, then act now!

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We are paying multiple providers for hosting and not sure which we still need

Multiple domains, redirects and hosting locations is also very common with established businesses of all sizes.  Many domain extensions (eg,, .hk, .asia,, .sg etc) would likely result in having multiple registrars being used for all the purchases.  There could be active domains, redirects and some domains that are simply parked.    Hosting of various websites and landing pages might be provided by different hosting providers and in different geographical locations.  There is also the additional step of Domain Name Server (DNS) hosting that fits in-between registrar and hosting, that needs to be managed.

It is no wonder that many companies have lost track of what is located where and who is getting paid to provide the service.  For the cost of getting FunctionEight Ltd to manage all of this on your behalf, you can have not only peace of mind that it is getting done correctly and in a timely fashion, but you can also rest assured that you are not paying for a service that is no longer relevant and really needed.

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We don’t have access to our website, so can’t make changes or updates are too scared to move hosting

Was your original website developed some time ago and now you no longer have a relationship with the developer?  Are you able to make minor amendments or updates to the content?  Or are you now feeling like an entire revamp is required?  Most developers would like to manage or control the hosting of their clients’ websites.  This is really just to simplify the process of trouble shooting when the website has issues (eg goes offline or specific functionality doesn’t work properly).

There could be many reasons why you might be considering a relocation of your website hosting.  If the prospect of getting this actioned is just too daunting, then why not get assistance from the FunctionEight Ltd team.

Our suggestion is to employ FunctionEight Ltd to maintain full documentation and control of your website, as well as to handle the ongoing management/renewals/control of your various hosting needs.  This ensures you’re not paying anything extra for unnecessary hosting or other services that you do no use or need.

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