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Our team of developers deliver successful software and tool development for SMEs in Hong Kong and across Asia Pacific. Are you tired of inefficiencies in your business processes? Do you want to automate and update manual tasks that are consuming your teams resources?

Projects are easy to manage with regular updates and meetings to track progress. We’ll help you every step of the way, from the early stages of scoping up the tool and it’s technical requirements, taking into consideration how the product will be used by its end users. We can even assist in setting up hosting and database solutions to power the back-end data. As IT professionals, we keep all the elements in mind from inbuilt high security level to automated and regular back ups.

We develop tools such as:

CRM Systems

FunctionEight believes the best way to perfect a performance matter is with the best CRM Service. We help you control all of your contacting points in your customers life cycle, such as communication, invoicing, help desk and more.

Catalogue Management

Our Main goal is to maintain and contain accurate information on all services that is being prepared or being run operationally. we will provide vital information (service details service interdependence, present status and service management processes.

Project Management

We always deliver the best project Management service you deserve. We are always organized, we manage resources to bring success to your goals and objectives and discipline of planning.

Vendor Information

Here in functioneight we help you provide you with the best Vendor service in Hong Kong, we can get you electronic stuff with the best price possible. Mind you this is not as a single service. Contact us to know more about it.

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What are the considerations that go into creating a custom software for your business?
    • Security – Login, Password, Inactivity timeouts
    • Auditability – Audited elements, fields, file characteristics
    • Performance – Response times, Processing times, Query and Reporting times
    • Capacity – Throughput, Storage, Year-on-year growth requirements
    • Availability – Hours of operation, Locations of operation
    • Integrity – Fault trapping, Bad data trapping, Data integrity
    • Recovery – Process, Recovery time scales, Backup frequencies, Backup generations
    • Compatibility – with shared applications, with 3rd party applications, on different operating systems, on different platforms
    • Maintainability – Conformance to architecture standards, design standards, coding standards
    • Usability – Look and feel standards, Internationalization / localization requirements

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