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First page of Google for just $100 per month guaranteed!  Do you also receive those emails almost daily?
“If it sounds too good to be true, then it is probably too good to be true” – that is a quote directly from a leading Google employee.

This guarantee is even more unlikely if the company is specifying Organic SEO first page results.  Because we have been there and done that ourselves, we know that if you want to get a minimum top 10 Google ranking for your website then you need :

  • A healthy dose of commitment
  • Patience for a long haul
  • Quite honestly fairly deep pockets

You will also need an SEO company that you can work with long term, as this is NOT a ‘do it yourself’ option and is also not an exercise that can be halted once targeted results have been achieved.

“We were outside the first 100 results on Google Hong Kong.  Within 6 months we were on the first page for all our selected keywords.”

How FunctionEight got to the top of Google in six months

FunctionEight’s core expertise is helping your business manage and maintain its IT requirements so that you don’t have to hire in-house IT staff.

Search Engine Optimisation is also one of the areas where we excel, aided by the fact that we have in-house web developers who are skilled at making your website SEO friendly. By doing that, your website naturally comes up in the Google search results.

But that isn’t always enough to get you a top Google ranking, which is why FunctionEight started working with a variety of specific 3rd party optimizing tools.  We experimented extensively until we settled on tools that provided us with the best results..

FunctionEight provide the analysis and insights you need to rank above competitors

Our strategy is based on extensive keyword research, we then recommend five keywords for your site to start with.  The selection of keyword options is done with a view to getting a balance between reflecting your core service offerings as well as keywords that have the highest number of searches per month.

We start with a detailed site audit with optimisation recommendations and comprehensive guides on more than 50 common SEO issues for your website.  This provides us with step-by-step actionable insights to automatically find and fix highest priority onsite issues & opportunities.  We will work diligently implementing the recommendations on an ongoing basis, whilst measuring the impact and improvements that the changes are having.

Comprehensive monthly reports ensure that all changes and improvements are measure and recorded.

Ranking improvement due to On Page Optimisations

On Page Optimisation is an important part of SEO, and relates primarily to changes made on your website (i.e ‘On the Page’) rather than outside your website. A strategy around adding more relevant content to your homepage and other pages is a good starting point here.

Raising the bar with help around Off Page Optimisation

On Page Optimisation is often the quickest and easiest way to improve your search engine ranking. But because many websites have already used basic search engine optimisation strategies, improvement is often limited by simply employing On Page Optimisation.

Off Page Optimisation takes you to the next level. Essentially it means getting links from other sites to point to the your own business’s site. This is an over simplification, but it is a concept that is easily understood.

The next frontier is to grow traffic through new keywords

Building on initial success, once satisfactory rankings have been achieved for your initial set of selected keywords, we begin adding new keywords to maximize the amount of traffic coming to your website.  A general rule/recommendation is to restrict SEO to only three keywords per webpage, so additional sub-pages will be used to optimise three new keywords in a methodical manner.

Organic SEO success could be yours

Get your website onto the first page of Google within the next 6 months.
Contact FunctionEight today on (852) 2868-2855 for a free SEO phone consultation about your website.