It can be challenging to move your office to another location within Singapore. You’ll have to search for the best office space for your startup or big business needs. You’ll also have to deal with setting up the new space, moving furniture, and working on interiors.

The list involved in a major move might seem never-ending, but with the assistance of the office relocation experts of FunctionEight, you too can streamline and optimize the process to maximum effect.

IT Challenges of Relocating to a Singapore Office

Office relocation in Singapore comes with several IT challenges. Keep in mind that Information Technology (or IT) is vital in order for a company to function, since they handle everything from your networks to your website as well as your Internet marketing campaigns. It also covers code debugging, troubleshooting any errors, and making sure your supply chain is running smoothly by utilizing technology to your advantage.

Here are some important IT issues involved in a Singapore office relocation:

  • Isn’t Office Relocation Challenging Enough As Is? Yes. You’re already dealing with various logistical challenges in moving from one location to another as is, which could lead to your IT services going by the wayside.
    However, your company cannot afford to neglect your IT needs, like moving servers, adjusting to the power requirements of your new location, and finding a new place for your servers to get placed.
  • The Realities of IT Challenges: When moving office locations, you will face challenges related to moving servers, computers, and other IT equipment. However, you can easily rectify or avoid them with proper planning.
    Allow the experts of FunctionEight to plan your move, take into account every piece of hardware you have, and deal with all the logistics of the move. They’ll also cover things like backing up your data for safeguarding purposes.
  • Expert Advice and Practical Application: To ensure you have a hassle-free move without compromising your office’s IT requirements, you might have to depend on outsourcing your IT services to FunctionEight.
    Going mobile and having your servers offsite as you move from one office to another can partially solve the logistical nightmare of server relocation during the move. It also allows for uninterrupted IT services in the middle of relocation.
  • Data Security Concerns During Relocation: One of the most crucial considerations that’s often forgotten during the move due to all other issues you have to prioritize in the process is data security.
    You should figure out how to keep your info protected and secure through the move so that it’s not lost and your work won’t slip through the cracks. You don’t want terrible things to happen to your hard drive, servers, or collection of laptops.
  • Safeguarding Your Confidential Company Secrets: Spies and hackers are everywhere, and the last thing you want is to have a spy social engineer his way into getting a server or a laptop full of your confidential company secrets!
    You also don’t want months’ worth or years’ worth of work and network data lost due to negligence or having a lack of IT manpower to keep tabs on every last piece of network architecture your company has physically.
  • Get Encryption to Protect Your Data: On top of hiring a firm that offers office relocation services which keeps a tab on every piece of physical equipment you listed on a checklist, you should also look into better data encryption.
    This keeps your data from the wrong hands and ensures that only trusted members of your team or company can access it. You should also have all your data backups encrypted or stored in an offsite way, like by using cloud storage.
  • The Best-Case Scenario vs. The Worst-Case Scenario: The best-case scenario is to have your professional moving partner safely transport your IT equipment then set them up in the new location so that you can resume operations ASAP.
    However, you might suffer from delays like missing data, missing equipment, or damaged equipment due to a variety of circumstances, from bad luck or mover inexperience. This is why it’s best to have cloud storage handy for backup.
  • Cloud Services Makes Data Transfer Easier: It’s easier to transfer your data and resume office operations after relocation if they’re accessible through the cloud. Invest in cloud storage solutions for remote office and variable location situations.
    Encrypted cloud data for company access only is paradoxically super accessible on any PC or mobile device as long as you have the right permissions or passwords to access it. It’s safe from hackers but easy to get by trusted company employees.
  • It’s Better to Be Safe Than Sorry: Having leftover redundant copies of your data in your servers or your cloud platform might seem like needless busywork, but it’s all-in-all worth it compared to the alternative of losing months or years of hard work.
    FunctionEight will have virtual or physical copies of your data in backup form to ensure you have all bases covered as you relocate from one office to another or expand company growth from a single branch to multiple around Singapore.
  • Hire Professional Movers to Handle Your Important Documents: Backup handles the worst-case scenarios but your professional movers should still be competent enough to prevent such scenarios from happening in the first place.
    Hire the best professional moving partners to ensure that your IT equipment and hardware are safely transported to your new location without any damage to them. They’ll also be responsible for moving all your important physical documents and paperwork for good measure.
  • Proper Handling of Your Papers and Documents: We’re already on the cusp of the paperless office, but many startups still leave paperwork and paper trails they can’t just upload to the cloud every time, such as legal papers.
    One way to ensure that such paperwork won’t get lost during office relocation is to waterproof everything. This includes dossiers, paper documents, physical documents, and the like. Such papers are important to a company’s administration and legislation so they should be moved properly and safely.

Let FunctionEight Assist in Your Office Relocation in Singapore

Long story short, FunctionEight knows all the intricacies and logistics behind any given office relocation. They also know the role your IT department plays throughout the move. The consultancy and IT outsourcing firm should have you covered.

Workers today are more informed and advanced thanks to tech, and your IT department is responsible for applying and maintaining that tech for your daily office needs. Make sure your IT services are uninterrupted during the move with FunctionEight services!