In this time of Covid-19 where working from home has become the default for many people around the world I thought I would highlight a few useful tools that you may not be currently using that can help with sharing and collaboration with your audience.

Loom – Video and Screenshot Recording

This service has free and paid plans that allow you to record your screen, camera and audio to create content rich video messages that can be shared with you colleagues or customers.  It is a much more engaging method to send an important message as an alternative to a text email especially on subjects and topics that can be misinterpreted.

Google Meet – Video Meetings

I know Zoom and MS Teams have hit the headlines during this pandemic but Google has now made its video collaboration software free to all.  You do require a Google account to use the service but it is an extremely simple meeting tool that is easy to use has desktop sharing and chat functions and also has a very useful whiteboard feature for team collaboration.

Microsoft Teams – Stream

It must be said that most of our customers are using MS Teams which has been brilliantly integrated into the Microsoft suite of products.  One tool that can be particularly useful when using Teams for a video call or sales presentation is the recording function and sharing facility of Stream.  This allows you to record the meeting and then share that recording using permissions within Sharepoint, One Drive or externally as a link or downloadable file.  It can also be used as a screen and video record capture as described above in Loom.  It also carries a basic editing feature allowing Titles and trimming to share section of meetings or presentation.