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Google and Advertisement 

What is SEO?

SEO also known as Search engine optimization.  It is a Process of increasing the quantity and the quality of a websites to gain more traffic and Its ranking on google etc…

What would you Achieve?

  1. Organic Search visibility
  2. More Visits to your website
  3. Healthy Updated Website

What is SEM?

Also known as Search Engine Marketing.  it is an Online Advertisement or a sort of marketing that involves promos to websites which includes the increase of their visibility in search engine results pages.

What would you Achieve?

  1. More Visits to your website
  2. Quality Score to your ads
  3. 1st page top 4 rank

How We Work

Part 1

We will have a deep analysis on your website first, and when its complete we will provide you with our standard SEO set up. (Title, Descriptions, Keywords that suits your page content) This will all be in a Powerpoint Presentation for you

Part 2

SEO results will take some time, so in the mean time, we will make sure your website is in good condition (Content is relevant, headings are suitable for the page, not breaking any rules from Google) of course you will be involve in the process.

Part 3

At this point, your site will be in a healthy position in google. But that's not all. You will have a Monthly Report of your websites performance, such as (Visits, Bounce Rates, Most Viewed page, Which Keywords performed the best, ect...)

BUT if you want Website Development and also SEO performances done, contact us

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