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Handling Your Email Migration

For any company email is now a business-critical tool and the prospect of migrating from an existing old platform to a new enhanced one brings most business owners out in a sweat.  Concerns from lost emails, to email non delivery to worst of all email downtime often mean the decision to migrate is postponed.

Worry no more as help is at hand to ensure your email migration is handled with the following assurances:

Zero downtime
Zero email losses
Zero email non deliveries

Any System to Microsoft Office365

Regardless of the email system you currently have FunctionEight can seamlessly migrate you to a full secure and reliable Microsoft Office365 Platform.

FunctionEight will ensure we fully understand your existing environment and settings and user lists such that we can migrate you to Office365 in a way that ensures everything works as you expected from Day 1.


Not Only Office-365

As with any solution reliance on one provider may be considered as too risky and certainly in some cases compliance may even state it is not acceptable.

Therefore, FunctionEight offer supporting solutions to Office365 such that your email is not only reliable but also redundant and compliant. These additional services include:

3rd Party Archiving
3rd Party Virus and Malware Protection
3rd Party Email Gateway
3rd Party Backup

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