IT Helpdesk

Remote support at your fingertips

A lot of the daily IT problems don’t require someone to be physically beside you to fix them. Plus, while not every incident is an IT emergency, for an IT provider, the small things do matter. It’s the niggles and repeat offenders of the technology world that can grind employees down. Don’t just ignore your IT issues, hoping they will resolve themselves and don’t go on putting up with them either. The IT Helpdesk is for all those issues that you just wish someone would resolve to make your life easier.

When you contact us by email, it goes straight to our dedicated team of IT experts who are waiting to handle your case. Resolution by email allows you to register the issue, and then get on with your day secure in the knowledge that someone is working on your problem. We’ll help you remotely. We use a product called TeamViewer to allow us to access your machine via the internet, on specific occasions when you grant us permission to do so. Sometimes it’s easier to have an expert make the necessary changes themselves rather than talk you through a solution on the phone or spend extra time to come to visit on site. Give us a call if you prefer to talk it over. If the internet is down or you just prefer the sound of a human voice, then we’ll be there at the other end of the phone listening.

Contact us to find out whether the helpdesk is the right solution for you and your team. Get your IT provider agreement in place today.

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