What is IT Helpdesk as a service?  

IT Helpdesk is a service where a centralized team within a company supports users for different kinds of IT issues. Normally this is a remote and “break-fix” service.  

When is the IT Helpdesk service a good option?

1. The IT Helpdesk setup is ideal if you have offices in multiple locations globally. 
2. Generally the more users you have, the more useful the IT Helpdesk service will be for you.
3. When you want your in-house IT resources to focus their time on higher-value tasks.
4. When remote support is ideal for your needs.   

Which services can an IT Helpdesk help with?

  • 24×7 IT Support for user troubleshooting (Email and Phone support).  
  • 24×7 Infrastructure monitoring services (for Network, Backup, Firewall, Email etc.). 
  • Internal simpler administrative duties (not very common, but it can be arranged).   

What does 24×7 mean?

It means that the service runs 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. The 24×7 service is a very efficient and cost-effective way to offer support to your team across multiple offices and time zones (US, Europe and Asia). You and your IT resources will be able to sleep at night knowing that there is a team taking care of urgent IT issues raised by your users globally.  

How does the IT Helpdesk service work?

This is normally the process a user goes through with the IT Helpdesk service: 

1. You experience an IT issue. 
2. You need help. 
3. You contact your IT Helpdesk (often via a centralized email or phone number). 
4. You get a quick response (as operators are by their computers at all times). 
5. You get remote help by the IT Helpdesk to troubleshoot and resolve the issue. 
6. The issue is hopefully resolved fast and officially your “ticket” is closed. 

How often can I contact the IT Helpdesk?  

As often as you need. FunctionEight offers unlimited remote desktop support per user per month. A fair-use policy applies.

What is the response time I can expect from your IT Helpdesk?  

We aim to always reply within 15 minutes of receiving your request.

Can I buy a fixed number of tickets only from your IT Helpdesk?

Although we are always open to discuss tailored solutions for larger clients, we normally tend to work with the unlimited remote support model. The logic behind is that regardless if a client raises an IT issue or not, we still need our team to be ready for when an issue does come in.    

The actual troubleshooting and resolution time varies very much from case to case. 

What if an IT issue cannot be resolved remotely?

There will be times where issues cannot be resolved remotely. We therefore always recommend purchasing an onsite support solution alongside the IT Helpdesk service. You can read more about that here.

Can we request a report of the monthly “tickets” our users have generated?  

Yes, you can. We regularly review and analyse past tickets with clients to better understand what the users seem to need extra help with and how we can reduce future support further.  

Why should you select FunctionEight as your IT Helpdesk provider?  

We have years of experience supporting companies through our IT Helpdesk service and can make sure a transition to this way of working becomes smooth for your organisation. Having onboarded many companies onto this model successfully, we also offer support with the non-IT steps internally to convert your team from your existing setup to an external IT Helpdesk setup.