Hong Kong Remote IT Service

No need to wait for an engineer to arrive on your doorstep with FunctionEight’ s Remote IT Support Service.  Regardless of the weather or traffic there is no wasted travel time as our experienced engineers can simply access your computer remotely to fix your issue or simply perform a health check.

What Do We Do Remotely

Remote IT Support and Maintenance allows our engineers to complete most tasks without having to visit your offices.  Some of these tasks would be: –

Why Do We Do It Remotely

Remote IT Support has many advantages for both parties.

  1. FLEXIBILITY – Remote IT Support allows flexibility so that you can get it when you need it. We will still send an engineer to your office if you prefer but this remote support service allows us to perform basic works and simple fixes quick and efficiently.
  2. DECREASED COSTS – As the engineers can handle certain problems off site, it eliminates the need to have an in-person visit for addressing every little issue that may occur. This reduces downtime and the increased costs of having someone come to your office. This allows us to provide competitive pricing with no compromise in service quality.
  3. 24/7 ACCESS – Our engineers and system have access to your network all day, every day. Our engineers set alerts that notify them anytime your network experiences a glitch or issue…no matter the time of day. They may know of a potential issue and correct it even before you do.
  4. UNUSUAL CIRCUMSTANCES – Every now and again something happens that means we are not able to visit your offices. This does not mean that the work does not need to be done. With Remote IT Support our engineers can still perform their standard works. Examples of this would be: –
  • Cannot access the office due to fire or water damage or government order
  • Lockdown due to pandemic