Are You Considering Cloud Migration in Singapore?

If your Singapore business has cloud migration plans, we can lend a hand.

FunctionEight is one of Singapore’s most trusted IT outsourcing companies. We have more than 20 years of experience in delivering world-class IT services (including cloud migration) in Singapore and all over Asia.

Benefits of Cloud Migration in Singapore

Cloud migration refers to the process of partial or total deployment of an organisation’s IT resources, data, digital assets, services, applications, and other business elements on the cloud platform. The migrated assets are safely tucked away behind a cloud firewall.

Migrating your Singapore business to the cloud leads to a handful of benefits, with five of the most useful ones being these:

Perhaps the most well-known benefit of moving to the cloud is quick, convenient, and total access to your data and applications. You can access the resources you need:

  • At any given time of the day
  • When you’re in the office
  • While working remotely from anywhere
  • While travelling overseas
  • And using practically any device

Cloud migration in Singapore promotes real-time collaboration by enabling users to view, edit, and share data in real-time using shared storage. This facilitates development, customer support, and more. Since the cloud acts as the central storage of your resources, you can be assured that everyone is on the right page by preventing conflicting titles, content, and formats.

Some applications even empower users to work offline, promoting greater work-life balance and further boosting productivity. It also streamlines management and monitoring by enabling organisations to monitor and control their on-premises data centre and cloud resources from one screen (as long as their cloud provider offers a central management tool).

By migrating to the cloud, you eliminate the need to buy expensive IT systems and equipment: Your business can simply use the server and infrastructure of your cloud service provider. You’ll save on the costs of IT resource management (including servers and security programs) and maintenance.

You can also save up on your staffing expenses. After all, with fewer hardware, you require not only less upkeep but also fewer people (network engineers are quite expensive).

Lastly, you’ll also get to maximise your real estate, which you can use for more essential physical resources that are crucial in your business operations.

Fewer staff often means greater efficiency on the operations side since there are fewer hands involved. Cloud migration lets your business function just as well (but in most cases, even better than before) despite having fewer in-house staff.
Your engineers can then spend their time thinking of creative ideas or solutions for your business. They can also devote more time on database management, security profiles, and other important workflows.

Cloud migration can also speed up your development cycles and enable your business to deploy more of your services and applications faster than ever before.

Updating software is also automated for you, since the application is hosted on an off-premise server and will be performed by your cloud service provider. You’ll have access to the most recent software versions with upgraded servers and more powerful computer processing in real time.

Pay only for what you use. You no longer have to pay for and maintain IT assets that you only require occasionally. Many hardware resources are idle most of the time. With cloud migration, there’s no need for you to do research and implement brand new data centres anymore.

During peak times, your business can request more utilisation of third-party IT resources like server, hardware, and infrastructure instantly, by demand. These same resources can be deprovisioned anytime your need goes down.

While there are still some risks after migrating to the cloud, the vast majority are delegated in some form. You will not be storing data on-site anymore, yet it is stored in a secure location.
Most clouds have built-in security features and specialised tools to safeguard organisational resources. The cloud provider usually performs security patching automatically as well.

You’ll likewise get cover during disasters, thus ensuring business continuity. Things like data centre outages, fires, earthquakes, and local power outages will have less detrimental impacts on your operations. Such disasters typically lead to the following:

  • Downtime of self-hosted applications
  • Need to replace hardware that’s damaged by the outage
  • Need to create backups and increase storage hardware
  • Lower productivity, fewer services, and decreased revenues

Migrating to the cloud eliminates virtually all of those troubles for your business. In addition, even if your computers malfunction or accidentally get wiped out, you would still be able to access your data from anywhere instead of completely losing them. If your computers get into the wrong hands, the cloud can even remotely wipe out the data from your machines.

Many cloud providers even offer built-in, one-click backup and recovery services, with some also capable of storing your backups in various geographic locations for additional safety.

Why Trust Us For Your Cloud Migration in Singapore

We would love to be your IT partner in Asia. Here’s why you need to partner with
FunctionEight for your cloud migration and other IT needs:

  • You Need a Good Plan.
    Large-scale migration should be executed only after extensive planning. We are proud to share that a whopping 95 percent of our clients are on the cloud, something that most IT outsourcing companies in Singapore cannot claim. We have the knowledge, skills, and experience to maximise the benefits of the cloud for your business — by ensuring seamless migration all throughout.

    We can help minimise or even completely avoid downtime. We can move large amounts of your data to the cloud while avoiding potential disruptions to your operations. We will take all necessary precautions to avoid the loss or corruption of your data (both significant risks) during migration.

  • It Can be Expensive — If You Don’t Know What You’re Doing.
    Cloud migration can enhance your ROI in both the short-term and the long-term. However, the process itself will cost you money, time, and other valuable resources. This is why it’s important to outsource your cloud migration to an experienced company like FunctionEight. We have been doing this for many years, and can provide optimal cost estimates for your cloud migration planning and implementation.

  • You Get Quick, Dependable, On-the-ground IT Experts.
    We have over 20 years of experience in working with businesses of various shapes and sizes. More than 200 clients (and counting) in different countries can attest to the superior quality of our IT services.

    We respond to IT service requests in only 15 minutes (on average), and we provide 24/7 remote IT support in all timezones.

    Our engineers are on-the-ground in Singapore to closely work with clients. We can also serve on the ground in Tokyo, Seoul, Bangkok, and Shanghai (we can provide more spread based on your needs).