Hong Kong Website Development

Are you in need for some website issues fixing? Do you need Security on your site.  look no further because functioneight is here to help.

Backend Maintenance

Does your Website need careful monitoring?  No Fear.  Because Here in functioneight we offer Software Updates, Off-server backups, Security Monitoring, Google Analytics, Human Checking and Monthly Reports. Our Goal is to prevent Bugs or fix bugs in your site and make it a safe to enter destination for viewers.

Content Maintenance

We Help you maintain part of the website and ensure that the website is backed up, we can provide Security and updates to any 3rd party plug-ins or any ‘free’ open source systems used to power your website.  If you need a Plan, we will provide it for you.  If you are interested in something else, This service also relates to SEO Click here 

Websites Analytics & Reports 

We assist our customers with extracting and analyzing visitor data to their website using tools like Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools. The information gained from the analytics is then used to recommend changes to your website.

PHP Migration 

Many websites and web applications were built many years ago and are running on older versions of PHP, like PHP 5.3, 5.2 or even older versions. This can often cause problems when upgrading the hosting environment to a newer version of PHP, as not all versions of PHP is backward compatible.


Have a site already that needs a design and functionality update? Perhaps your site served you well for many years, but just isn’t up to standard anymore? FunctionEight will assist in choosing and implementing the right upgrade path for you.

Mobile-Friendly Website 

We Help Make website respond to the size of the visitors’ devices. If your visitor goes to your site on a mobile phone, the site will be optimized for mobile viewing and the same for tablets and desktops.