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Want to move to a new office?

FunctionEight provides IT office relocation services for all kinds of office spaces. We’ve set up new regional offices for large companies based overseas, small offices for the first-time for start-ups and everything in between. Our experienced project managers and engineers will take care of the whole process including:

Our experienced project managers and engineers will take care of the including:
  • Planning & project management
  • IT equipment relocation
  • Physical packing & protection
  • Disconnection & reconnection
  • Organized cable procedure
  • Arranging transportation
  • Specialized server room protocol

Outgrowing your office space is a fantastic sign of a healthy business. When it’s time to stop converting coffee tables into desks, the next step is to find a suitable space for your needs. Understanding how your IT infrastructure will fit in your new space can be complex, which is why we work with you every step of the way to identify potential risks and find practical solutions.

It’s not as simple as unplugging and re-plugging of cables. There’s plenty to think about during an office move, from the grand scheme of how things should be set-up, to small details such as whether you will keep your existing phone numbers.
We work closely with the movers who take the fridge and the office plant, to ensure that all equipment is packed securely and handled with care.
We also understand that change can be sensitive for staff undergoing a move. Therefore, we plan in a way that will have the least disruption possible to your business, for example by scheduling the move to take place on a weekend.
With years of experience, we guide you through the process, planning to avoid potential problems and managing potential risks.

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