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FunctionEight works with proven and practical web development technologies. For each web development project our experienced team discusses the options available for you and implements the solution that best suits your needs. Our mission at FunctionEight is to give you a stress-free web development experience by providing you with a website that delivers what you want it to deliver.

We develop websites for both businesses and organizations and have experience in developing a variety of solutions including web shops/eCommerce systems, branding sites, logistic systems, portfolio sites, educational platforms and event booking systems. The key element in delivering a quality product is getting to know your business and what you aim to achieve with your website. Our software development methodology emphasizes frequent communication between our product manager and you, the client.  We believe this is the best way to ensure that as developers, we understand your business and your business needs.

Content Management Systems

Having a content management system makes it easy to keep your website updated. FunctionEight will guide you to choose the system that is right for you.

Web shop/eCommerce development

FunctionEight’s eCommerce websites deliver a quality shopping experience for your site’s visitors. We build eCommerce sites both by customizing off-the-shelf solutions and by developing unique solutions from scratch.

Responsive (mobile) websites

We make your website respond to the size of the visitors’ devices. If your visitor goes to your site on a mobile phone, the site will be optimized for mobile viewing and the same for tablets and desktops.


Have a site already that needs a design and functionality update? Perhaps your site has served you well for many years, but just isn’t up to standard anymore? FunctionEight will assist in choosing and implementing the right upgrade path for you.

Website maintenance

At FunctionEight we not only develop websites for our customers, we also maintain them.

Content maintenance

If you are unsure on how to keep your website updated, how to swap media content, move design elements around the website, add functionalities like newsletter signups, donation buttons or tracking information to enable you to analyze the behavior of your website’s visitors, then FunctionEight can help you. For most of our customers, we maintain part of the website and ensure that the website is backed up, secure and that updates to any 3rdparty plug-ins or any ‘free’ open source systems used to power your website.

Backend maintenance

Using a free open source platform for your website like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, OpenCart or any other, is not entirely free. It is true, that installing and using the platform is free, but these platforms still need to be kept up-to-date in order to avoid being hacked and keep the functionalities working. Often, the process to keep your open source platform up-to-date is straightforward, but if you use many 3rd party plug-ins and a custom design, the update process can become more difficult and require technical skills to accomplish. If you have any questions on keeping your website updated, FunctionEight will be happy to discuss and assist you.

Website analytics

As part of our website maintenance offerings we assist our customers with extracting and analyzing visitor data to their website using tools like Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools. The information gained from the analytics is then used to recommend changes to your website.  For example changes to pages that receive few visitors, or recommendations on ‘call-to-action’ functionality on pages with high traffic volumes.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

FunctionEight can provide dedicated SEO recommendations for your website. Our SEO process begins with our consultant analyzing your website and putting forward recommendations on site structure and content. These recommendations will include keyword recommendations, navigation structure recommendations, content review and technical recommendations relating to tags, titles and meta descriptions. In addition, we can also offer content strategy and updates to social media platforms and blogs.

We also offer SEM via Google AdWords and Yahoo (managed by Bing). Together with our clients we develop your search engine marketing campaign, identify your keywords, setup campaigns, ad groups and ads in the system and monitor and maintain the campaigns. FunctionEight continuously monitor your selected ads and keywords and make adjustments as needed.

It is important to realize, that both SEO and SEM are tasks that require ongoing maintenance and updates in order to stay effective.

PHP Migration

Many websites and web applications were built many years ago and are running on older versions of PHP, like PHP 5.3, 5.2 or even older versions. This can often cause problems when upgrading the hosting environment to a newer version of PHP, as not all versions of PHP is backward compatible.

At FunctionEight we have developers with experience in both older and newer versions of PHP and we are fully capable of updating your application from an older PHP version to newer version.

Invoice and accounting system integration

On your web or eCommerce site we can integrate your Accounting System such as Quickbooks and ACCPACC. It saves time and money as you don’t have to enter data twice. We can also build an invoicing plugin to your system with your provided template and sync the transaction data to your accounting software. Our invoicing plug-in allows you to generate multiple invoices at a time.

We can also work with third party payment methods such as Paypal, AsiaPay, Payment Express, etc. and can integrate these into your website.

Mobile app development

Depending on your specific needs, FunctionEight can deliver both native Android/iOS/Windows apps as well as hybrid Apps (that also run on Android/iOS/Windows/Blackberry mobile operating systems). Hybrid apps are apps developed in a separate programming language and ‘exported’ to the desired mobile operating systems. The advantage of this approach is that development costs goes down dramatically if you want to develop apps for multiple mobile operating systems. The drawback comes in the form of lower performance, which can be an issue if you are developing a high performance app like a 3D game or real-time financial trading application.

Web application development

FunctionEight develops advanced and fully customized web applications for our business clients.

At FunctionEight, we distinguish between a website and a web application.  A website is defined by its content, whereas a web application is defined by its interaction with the user.  Examples of web applications would be collaborative calendars where each individual user is presented with information relevant only to that specific user, or an online chat portal that allows different users to communicate in real time.

We work with a number of advanced web application technologies, most notably Meteor, which support the newest functionalities the web has to offer.

The latest web application FunctionEight developed was an attendance tracking system that allowed on-site inspectors to automatically login to a given geographical location via their mobile phones/tablet, perform their inspection and record their findings on the spot.  Final inspection reports can also be submitted for signoff on the spot via their phones/tablets. In the backend, the arrival time and departure time is automatically recorded and uploaded to the client’s database together with the inspection report. The system greatly reduced time spent on manually inputting data, significantly increased data quality and allowed inspectors to perform more inspections per day than previously.